Green Cabinentry

ASR Custom Woodworking is dedicated to using environmentally friendly products, materials and techniques to build the highest quality cabinetry and furniture. We seek out suppliers that are environmentally conscious who produce the materials that we use. ASR Custom Woodworking is creating the most ECO friendly cabinetry available today.

The first step to going green is buying local. Not only are you supporting your local economy, you are helping reduce emissions and the consumption of natural resources.

The next step is to know what your cabinets are made of. We at ASR Custom Woodworking use as many ECO products and materials as possible. The ply woods and sheet goods we build our boxes from are a no added formaldehyde, low VOC rated material or better. We use solid wood lumber that is farm grown and or sustainably harvested. Reclaimed lumber and locally harvested / milled lumber is available and is as green as it gets.

We take great pride in our finishes and have extensive experience. ASR Custom Woodworking offers a wide variety of products and applications to choose from. Our finishes range from top of the line lacquers and varnishes to hand rubbed oils and water based ECO finishes.

ASR Custom Woodworking is dedicated to crafting  the highest quality woodwork with knowing that we are all stewards of the earth. Our company is committed to bringing you the most ECO friendly cabinetry, furniture and woodwork available.